Great attitude, teamspirit &
execution is everything

Margrethe Dal Lehrmann

Partner & Director

Margrethe Dal Lehrmann is passionate about setting the right team and creating a high performance culture based on a combination of leadership, culture, strategy & employee development. She has many years of management experience from both small and large companies, where she as part of the management team has worked with both turn-around and growth companies.

As buying director and part of executive management, Margrethe Dal Lehrmann has played a key role in Magasin’s turn-around and significant growth journey to a 2.8 billion DKK turnover across seven department stores and online. Margrethe has previously worked in the media industry as a Publishing Director at Chili Group which grow significant and revolutionized the free magazine space. The Company was sold to Aller Media. Prior to that, she worked as a Client Director in the advertising industry across industries.

Margrethe holds a Top Executive degree from INSEAD in France within Leadership, Strategy & Innovation and a Masters degree in marketing from Westminster University in London. In addition to her work as board member and investor, Margrethe is a sought-after speaker in Leadership & Strategy, and sits on several juries in the lifestyle industry. She is an active participant in network groups such as VL64 or MEMA. In 2020, Margrethe was nominated for the “Alt for Damernes Søsterpris”, which focused on women who help each other live out their entrepreneurial dreams.

Margrethe is curious about life, and see herself a bit like “Pippi Langstrømpe”  – always interested in new things, new places and loves to immerse herself in books, – she enjoys to bathes in the ocean all year round, and have fun with family & friends.