After exiting Bilbasen and Benjamin Media Jan Dal Lehrmann has dedicated his life to investing in start-ups.
As a Stateauthroized Authorized Public Accountant (CPA) in Denmark, Andreas is in the driving seat of the financials with a solution oriented
Partner & Director
Margrethe Dal Lehrmann is passionate about setting the right team and creating a high performance culture

Our Story


Jan Lehrmann starts as an entrepreneur – co-founds Bilbasen, join Benjamin Media as CCO and start investing in real estate


Jan Lehrmann becomes a private investor and board member in several startups including Normal, Plecto, Actimo, Trophy Games, Autobutler, Repeatly Leasing, and Mybanker among others


Jan Lehrmann initiates a transition from a one-man band to a team setup – Martin Laursen partner and Mr. Deal Flow is the first new hire with several following shortly  


Margrethe Dal Lehrmann partner and Miss leadership & culture joins as new CEO and the journey begins to what will later become LoveMondays  


The team grows with further hires to strengthen our active investment strategy. Bringing the team to a total of five people with the additions of Project Manager Cathrine Povelsen our office ninja and finance wizard CFO Andreas Jensen


LoveMondays is launched – We’re ready to spread good vibes and help our heroes build strong teams and winning cultures