Our heroes

Ann-Louise Christine Aasted & Morten Grabowski Kjær
One of the leading frontrunners of baby and kids fashion showcased through a magical online universe.
Danny Skytte, Vicki Skytte & Michael Jepsen
DM Greenkeeping is bringing the beautiful, lush, green spaces you know from the golf course, to private homes and businesses.
Torben Mouritsen & Bo Kristensen among others
A gamechanger in retail selling normal products at fixed low prices. With a goal that customers should always get a new and unique experience when visiting one of the many stores around europe.
Anna Grantland & Martin Høeg
Locked is an event business specialising in creating unique escape room experiences across Denmark.
Jakob Eisen, Ivan Sandqvist & Jan Lehrmann among others
In the payment sector, Softpay is a mobile application that allows you to accept payment with contactless cards and mobile wallets. In a matter of minutes, you can set up wireless online payments on your preferred device and integrate it easily into your business.
Jakob Nørgaard
A marketplace with the purpose to revolutionise the real estate agent market, by providing a cheaper and more transparent solution for sellers of private real estate.
Mads Smith & Niels Kyhl Hauskou
Vuffeli is an online business on a mission to help dogs to a healthier and happier life – through a well-balanced nutrition plan.
Brian Dennis Jensen & Jesper Laursen
DecoFarver is one of the largest online retailers of paint in Denmark, with ambitions to scale internationally.
Jacob Bording Andersen
A-View is a Danish fast fashion brand with the purpose of inspiring women to dress playful. Embracing every unique body and give them the opportunity to feel feminine and fashion-forward with a twist of attitude.
Mads Blom, Frederik Stenberg & Matias Bøgvad
Candeno is a SaaS company that has developed a platform to governments, unemployment insurance funds (a-kasser) and corporates in order to manage and facilitate the unemployed and help them find their next dream job.
Kristian Øllegaard & Flemming Stein
Plecto is a SaaS business that helps companies stay on top of their performance with KPI dashboards. Their platform builds the foundation for a performance-driven work culture for both startups and industry-leading companies in more than 50 countries around the world.
Kristian Øllegaard & Malte Fanefjord
From one SaaS company to other SaaS – Fenerum is a complete solution for subscription management, billing, liquidity management and reporting.
Daniel Luun & Søren Gleie
Trophy Games is a studio with gamers who are dedicated to make endless entertainment and challenging gameplay for all players. The Company offers games for mobile, Steam and browsers.
Ole Østberg
In the E-commerce business Mr.Beef is one of the first online butchers where you can find everything from the famous MrBeef-marinated spareribs to high end Wagyu cuts delivered at your doorstep.

Part of the
growth journey

We are proud to present our teammates across various industries.
From DKK 2 million to DKK +4 billion in turnover 

We are proud to present our
teammates across various industries.
From DKK 2 million to DKK +4 billion in turnover.