Our heroes

Ann-Louise Christine Aasted & Morten Grabowski Kjær
One of the leading frontrunners of baby and kids fashion showcased through a magical online universe.
Danny Skytte, Vicki Skytte & Michael Jepsen
DM Greenkeeping is bringing the beautiful, lush, green spaces you know from the golf course, to private homes and businesses.
Torben Mouritsen & Bo Kristensen among others
A gamechanger in retail selling normal products at fixed low prices. With a goal that customers should always get a new and unique experience when visiting one of the many stores around europe.
Anna Grantland & Martin Høeg
Locked is an event business specialising in creating unique escape room experiences across Denmark.
Jakob Eisen, Ivan Sandqvist & Jan Lehrmann among others
In the payment sector, Softpay is a mobile application that allows you to accept payment with contactless cards and mobile wallets. In a matter of minutes, you can set up wireless online payments on your preferred device and integrate it easily into your business.
Ann Rosenskjold & Jakob Nørgaard
A marketplace with the purpose to revolutionise the real estate agent market, by providing a cheaper and more transparent solution for sellers of private real estate.
Mads Smith & Niels Kyhl Hauskou
Vuffeli is an online business on a mission to help dogs to a healthier and happier life – through a well-balanced nutrition plan.
Brian Dennis Jensen & Jesper Laursen
DecoFarver is one of the largest online retailers of paint in Denmark, with ambitions to scale internationally.
Jacob Bording Andersen
A-View is a Danish fast fashion brand with the purpose of inspiring women to dress playful. Embracing every unique body and give them the opportunity to feel feminine and fashion-forward with a twist of attitude.
Mads Blom, Frederik Stenberg & Matias Bøgvad
Candeno is a SaaS company that has developed a platform to governments, unemployment insurance funds (a-kasser) and corporates in order to manage and facilitate the unemployed and help them find their next dream job.
Thomas Bennedsen
MySelfie captures the moment and secures the memories. They are that friend you’ll never regret inviting – Always bringing that extra fun to the party.
Kristian Øllegaard & Flemming Stein
Plecto is a SaaS business that helps companies stay on top of their performance with KPI dashboards. Their platform builds the foundation for a performance-driven work culture for both startups and industry-leading companies in more than 50 countries around the world.
Torben Kulmbak & Mikkel Normann
Zerv is an online mekka for racket sports equipment within Badminton, Tennis and Padel. They are the largest online racket sports shop in Scandinavia.
Kristian Øllegaard & Malte Fanefjord
From one SaaS company to other SaaS – Fenerum is a complete solution for subscription management, billing, liquidity management and reporting.
Daniel Luun & Søren Gleie
Trophy Games is a studio with gamers who are dedicated to make endless entertainment and challenging gameplay for all players. The Company offers games for mobile, Steam and browsers.
Ole Østberg
In the E-commerce business Mr.Beef is one of the first online butchers where you can find everything from the famous MrBeef-marinated spareribs to high end Wagyu cuts delivered at your doorstep.

Part of the
growth journey

We are proud to present our teammates across various industries.
From DKK 2 million to DKK +4 billion in turnover 

We are proud to present our
teammates across various industries.
From DKK 2 million to DKK +4 billion in turnover.