I have always been fascinated with start-ups, what makes them successful, and the associated funding aspects that allow these businesses to scale. Thus, applying for LoveMondays seemed like the ideal opportunity to pursue these passions, as LoveMondays are widely considered one of the front runners within the VC space in the Nordics.

At LoveMondays, I was involved in various exciting projects and work tasks. First, I got to participate in the deal flow of start-ups, which gave me insights into the evaluation process and the critical elements VCs look towards when deciding who to partner with. Furthermore, I got to take part in developing the strategy of existing start-ups in a broad range of industries. Here, I learned invaluable lessons on how to think about scale and how local start-ups can be transformed into global players.

Moreover, I had the chance to participate in various events and developed a fond appreciation for the dynamic work environment that LoveMondays facilitates, where no day is the same. Lastly, my most significant learning experiences came from my day-to-day interactions with the competent team at LoveMondays. Through these conversations, I absorbed the LoveMonday way of thinking, seeing business not only as a way to make a living but, more importantly, as a means to create greater good for society.

The mindset of valuing people first, of being present and honest expression shines through the culture and operations at LoveMondays. Therefore, as the name suggests, coming to work is something you look forward to rather than a means to an end.

It is unfortunately still rare that companies share this view on business, and I believe that it is the main contributing factor to LoveMondays’ success.

Therefore, I give my sincere recommendations to others who want to work here, and I am forever grateful for what you have taught me.

All the best
Gustav Dissing-Immerkær